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Sophia Hirt



 "A kind approach, to Technique Training"

Vincent Muller

"I started studying with Sophie Hirt at Rogues West about a year ago, and I couldn’t believe how quickly my acting improved. Whenever I come to class, I feel so inspired to improve and do my best because of the immense support I receive from Sophie. I notice how she appreciates the uniqueness of each actor and understands how to develop each one in a detailed and meticulous way. The sole focus of each class is to better the actor’s art and craft.
I wouldn’t be even close to where I am without her!"

Formerly Co-Artistic Director at "Rogues West Actors Studio" and Vancouver based Actor for the last 14 years; I have dedicated my life to this craft.


I am the daughter of two prolific Canadian Actors and Studio Owners. My knowledge and love of both craft and industry is long standing, in depth, passionate and honest. I have had the opportunity to work on some of the most prolific Canadian TV shows such as "Eva" in Chris Haddocks "The Romeo Section", and as "Nikki" in CTV's gritty cop drama - "Cardinal". 


I have worked alongside some of  America's finest actors such as Jeff Bridges in Sony pictures "Bad Times at the El Royale", played a supporting lead in the Syfy Tv Series "Olympus" and played the lead in Albertas fine indie film maker Sandi Sommers' award winning film"Ice Blue". 


I am a Meisner based actor and have utilized the technique throughout my own professional career. Meisner is both transformative and informative as it allows the actor to dive deeply into their emotional truths, while creating a clear foundation for approaching character. Meisner is my wheelhouse, my foundation and my language for acting; wether it be in technique classes or on camera film classes. As an Artist and Teacher, I am passionate about doing the work and passionate about those I teach.


I teach with kindness, compassion and utmost respect for each and every human being who walks through my door. It is in this way I both challenge and nurture the actor, while maintaining that they themselves have full autonomy over their process and journey. In Meisners' words "All good acting comes from the Heart" as I believe all good teaching should. 

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training     4-6 Week Sessional Classes 
                                                            Registering for February - March Sessions  




In person Audition Coaching and Self Tapes available at
REDSELFTAPE - 2596 oak street  
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